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What is Microblading?

3D Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique in which pigment is applied into the upper dermis of the skin on eyebrows in strokes that resemble natural hair fibers. The microblading method is similar to a tattoo process, but because the pigment is not inserted as deeply, microblading will fade in time and brows will return to their original state. Additionally, the dye used it vastly different from tattoo ink, and is a more natural pigment that is safe and gentle on skin. The effects of microblading can last 1-2 years (and sometimes even longer) depending on your skin type, lifestyle and color chosen. Typically, clients retouch their microblading on an annual basis.

The eyebrows are said to be the frame of one’s face. For some, this frame can be sparse or uneven, affecting the look of the entirety of the face. The effect of microblading are more prominent, filled in eyebrows with crisp, neat lines. Microblading is often used to fill in sparse brows, even out eyebrows for a more symmetrical appearance or simply to make the eyebrows stand out more without having to apply it daily. Microblading allows the client to have complete control of the look of his or her eyebrows; specifically, clients can reconstruct, change shapes, fill in gaps or elongate eyebrows. The result will be natural and blend flawlessly with natural eyebrow fibers.

Before Treatment

Prior to treatment, clients will meet with Lana for a consultation to determine if the client is a good candidate for microblading. If the client is a good fit for microblading, Lana will help her decide on shape. Determining the shape is an important process. Lana will evaluate the facial structure and features, current shape of the brow, brow and hair color, and, most importantly, the client’s preferences. The shape will be drawn on the brow by hand, and the client will be able to make any changes.

After the client decides on the shape of the eyebrow, Lana will assist the client in picking the perfect color to match complexation and hair color. This personalized color is unique for every client, and it will be catalogued for future touch-ups and applications. The pigment is gentle and regulated specifically for cosmetic purposes by FDA guidelines.

During Treatment

When you come in for your microblading appointment, you will first meet with Lana to confirm the shape of the brow. Then, the eyebrow area will be sterilized and a topical numbing cream will be applied. The numbing cream will take about 20 minutes to numb the entire area. This cream will be re-applied during treatment for comfort.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect, Lana will begin to work. Using a computerized machine, the Lana will lightly scratch the eyebrow follicles into the skin, one stand at a time. Dye pigment is then applied to the eyebrow in this area in the shape of the client’s desire. This process is incredibly slow and the Lana is incredibly meticulous in order for natural looking, precise results. After the pigment is applied, it will take about 15-20 minutes to settle. The total process of microblading takes about 2 hours to complete, from start to finish.

Once the initial microblading appointment is comeplete, the brows may appear darker for a few days before lightening to the desired color. The brows will take about two weeks to heal completely. During this time, clients may experience some peeling and tenderness of the eyebrows. The peeling is only noticeable up close. It is important to closely follow the aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. Once the healing process is over, clients will experience effortless brows for up to 18 months!

After Treatment

After the initial appointment for microblading, clients will be given an after-care cream to apply during the healing process. This cream should be applied with a Q-tip or a cotton round.

The brows will take up to two weeks to fully heel. Peeling and tenderness of the brows is normal during this period. The color of the brow may also lighten in the first few days.   Avoid the urge to pick or peel at eyebrows. In general, touching brows should be avoided during the healing process. In order to ensure the color saturates and brows heal properly, saunas, sweating, brow makeup, and sun exposure should be avoided for at least one week, facials, and swimming during the two-week healing process.

Follow Up Treatment

To ensure the happiness of her clients, Lana offers a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after the microblading appointment. Minor changes and touch ups can always be made to microbladed brows. Touching up the pigment can be done to renew brows, deepen color or fill in any gaps. Touch up appointments are always welcome.

The microblading effect will naturally and gradually fade with time. Depending on skin type and pores, microblading can last up to 18 months, and even longer for some clients. Thus, renewing treatment will depend from client to client. However, clients typically come in on an annual basis.

Lana is absolutely fabulous!!! I wish I knew about microblading years ago! It is a life changer. I’m not even being overdramatic. I never realized how unsymmetrical my face was and Lana was able to fix all my troubles with the shape of my eyebrows. My make up time is cut, literally, 20 minutes a day. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend my new friend!

– Joelene Hackett Guzzo

Will microblading work well for me?

It is ideal for clients with normal and dry skin. When considering if microblading is a good choice for you, skin type and thickness, as well as lifestyle, should be evaluated.

Large Pores & Oily Skin  Microblading is not ideal for individuals with extremely large pores or thick and oily skin. Oil and large pores can lead to the dye completely disappearing. While Lana is willing to work with clients who have larger pores and an oily skin type, clients should be aware that the result might not be as defined for them as it would be for individuals with dry skin.

Low Iron Levels – Clients who have low iron levels should also be careful with microblading. The dye used is an iron oxide pigment. Thus, if your body is lacking iron, it can pull it from the dye and leave you with a much lighter color than anticipated.

Chemotherapy – For patients who have had or are going through cancer, microblading cannot be done during chemotherapy. The effect of chemotherapy on pigments has not been well studied; therefore, it should be avoided. However, microblading is an option a year after chemotherapy treatments.

Sunlight Exposure – Lifestyle is another consideration. Those who spend a lot of time in the sun may also not be a good fit for microblading. Extreme exposure to sunlight can lead to quicker fading of the pigment used.

Facial Treatments – Clients should not have had any laser treatment, chemical peels, microdermabrasion treatment within two weeks of microblading. These treatments make the skin sensitive for a period, and the skin needs to heel before microblading.

Our Pricing

The price for microblading is $650. 

4-6 Week Retouch

The price for a 4-6 week touchup is $150 or an annual touchup for $350. 

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