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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of light, cosmetic tattooing. Using gentle pigments specially made for the face, pigment is inserted into the upper layers of the skin. Because the pigment is semi-permanent and does not reach deep into the skin, the effect of permanent makeup will gradually fade away in 1-2 years, depending on the procedure and the client.

Is Permanent Makeup Permanent?

Despite its name, permanent makeup is semi-permanent, not permanent. The effect will gradually fade away if it is not maintained or touched-up. Usually, fading occurs over the course of 1-2 years depending on the client, but it can last even longer depending on the pigment color, the client’s lifestyle and the client’s skin type.

Will permanent makeup hurt?

Client comfort is the first priority for Lana. Thus, she uses topical numbing creams for all permanent makeup application and microblading. Despite the numbing cream, some clients may still experience some slight discomfort depending on thickness of skin and pores in microblading, permanent eye makeup and permanent lip makeup. Permanent lip color can be more painful than other permanent makeup procedures because it involves a muscle.

How do I choose a color or shape?

Lana understands that a large variety of choices for colors and shapes can overwhelm clients. As a result, Lana guides clients to find the look that suits them best using factors such as lifestyle, facial features, complexion, hair color and style. Most clients choose to do an everyday, natural look for permanent makeup that enhances facial features. However, Lana is able to accommodate any look and any style. The client’s satisfaction is Lana’s number one priority!

How long will my permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup typically lasts 1-2 years. However, permanent makeup can last much longer for some people, depending on the client and her lifestyle. Factors effecting the longevity of permanent makeup include: color of the pigment chosen, exposure to the sun, exfoliation or chemical peels and low iron levels.

How Long Will My Appointment Last?

Depending on the procedure and consultation, the appointment can last anywhere between 1-2 hours, with some appointment lasting 3 hours.

Can I get permanent makeup if I am pregnant?

No, permanent makeup cannot be completed while a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

There are several steps to take before your appointment.

1-2 Weeks Before Appointment: About 1-2 weeks prior to the appointment, clients will need to discontinue any Retin A or AHA skin care products. In addition, clients cannot have electrolysis, waxing, laser, done within one week of the appointment.

72 Hours Before Appointment: Discontinue any Fish Oil or Vitamin E supplements.

24 Hours Before Appointment: Do not ingest any alcohol, ibuprofen or aspirin within 24 hours of the appointment.

The Day of Appointment: Do not wear any makeup or contacts to the appointment. You may choose to take a non-aspirin pain medication within a half hour of the appointment. Be sure to bring a pair of sunglasses with you if you are doing permanent eyeliner, permanent eyeshadow or microblading.

24 Hours After Appointment: Do not consume any alcohol and avoid ibuprofen or aspirin.

What is the Downtime for Permanent Makeup Procedures?

There is no downtime after appointments for permanent makeup. Clients can leave after the appointment and continue on with their lives! However, clients may experience some tenderness, minor swelling and a darker pigment in the first week or so. The healing period typically lasts 1-2 weeks, depending on the client and how closely the client follows the aftercare instructions. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions to avoid prolonging the healing period.

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Just as with regular tattooing, the safety of permanent makeup and microblading depend largely on the sterilization and disinfectant practices. With a background of doing medical aesthetics at Bay State Hospital, Lana follows strict guidelines for all of her treatments. Specifically, new needles are used for each client, disposable items are disposed of after each client and the treatment room is sterilized for each client. With Lana, clients never have to worry about safety.

What If I Don’t Like The Result of Permanent Makeup?

Lana works hard to please her clients. After the initial appointment, a follow up appointment is typically scheduled in order to perfect the look. During the follow up appointment, clients can discuss what they want changed with Lana. Lana is passionate about making her clients feel good about themselves, and she will zealously work to achieve the look the client desires.

Will Permanent Makeup Effect MRI Exams?

Most studies conclude that individuals with tattoos have little to no irritation from an MRI. Of the effects that have been discovered, the irritation is localized and diminishes quickly. However, prior to getting an MRI, you should always warn the MRI technician that you have had permanent makeup or microblading done.

Is Permanent Makeup Worth It?

Time is the most valuable element in our lives. Permanent makeup saves people time every single day. Imagine not having to carry around a purse with eyeliner or lipsticks, but instead knowing your makeup will be perfect upon waking up? You will be able to wake up and get on with more important things right away!

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