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About Lana

When you come to Advanced Aesthetics and Wellness Center with Lana Ivanov, you will only experience the best of aesthetic and therapeutic services! Using only the latest groundbreaking technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, Lana will help you look and feel your absolute greatest about yourself. Lana puts technology, makeup and health together to create a personalized, custom treatment for each individual client. From microblading, to permanent makeup, to skincare, Lana will help you look gorgeous, inside and out!

History & Mission

Not only does Lana Ivanov a medical aesthetician with a Master Certificate in the Medical Profession, but she is passionate about the intersection of wellbeing and beauty. She zealously supports her clients in finding the right look and style for them. With many years of experience working at Bay State Medical Center, she is well-trained, experienced and knows the tools of the trade. By nature, Lana is a meticulous perfectionist and enjoys the challenge of life-long learning. She seeks only the best results for her clients and is constantly searching for newest technologies and tools to improve her services. Her reputation as a medical aesthetician is impeccable, and she is well known for client satisfaction.

Lana doesn’t just provide a service – she cultivates a relationship with her clients. Lana makes her clients her first priority, treating her clients like queens and ensuring they feel pampered and beautiful every step of the way. She welcomes communication from her clients, whether it is day or night. Lana prides herself on being available for her clients anytime they need her! She advocates fervently for her clients in and outside of the profession.

Life for Lana was not always easy. Lana came to the United States in 1999. Her dream of becoming a trained medical aesthetician with her own location has been riddled with hardships, from coming to America without knowing the language, to undergoing difficult divorce. As a woman, she knows the struggle of not always feeling the best about yourself and facing constant judgment in the world. Thus, Lana truly understands how important it is to be inspired by other women. Lana’s mother supported her in her dream to help other women and is her inspiration for who she is today. With her mother’s help, Lana overcame her adversities. Now, Lana is living her dream to empower other women to overcome their adversities!